Southern girl charm, city girl flair.

Reminiscing on how I even got into fashion takes me all the way back to preschool. I’ll never forget going to this place called “Hands On Discovery” with my class. They had several career stations set up. You could be a doctor, news anchor, name it.

But those didn’t interest me. Instead, I bee lined straight to the back of the building to the dressing room and runway, where gorgeous polyester gowns and vibrant plastic heels awaited me. Once I was dressed and ready in my first look, I strutted down the runway, hopped off, headed to the news anchors and demanded that they interview me about what I was wearing.  New outfit –same routine. True story.

Two decades later and I’m still just as obsessed with playing dress up as I was back then—but with designer gowns & shoes of better quality.

Fashion is my love language. It’s how I communicate with the world. I am huge on vibes & energy, so I can immediately communicate with someone based on their personal style.

“So are you a stylist? Designer? Blogger? Explain!” The answer is: I’m all the above.

When it comes to fashion, I am a jill of all trades. Feel like you have a closet full of nothing worth wearing? I can fix that! Want something exclusive to wear to that party to set you apart from everybody else? I can design that! Love reading honest, witty, and relatable reviews while getting inspired at the same time? I will deliver that!

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