Whether you have a big event to go to and don't know where to start, overwhelmed with the shopping process, or just want to be out with the old/in with the new in your closet-- I can help with all of that! Click the email for pricing buttons below for the needed service to get a more in depth explanation.


+ Consultation of event that the personal styling is needed for

+ Full looks pulled for event inclusive of: shoes, clothing, jewelry, any other accessory

+ We can use clothing from your wardrobe, or I can go shopping for you look for an additional price (depending on the event).


+ Consultation to identify where you want to transition your style

+ Identify the budget- we'll break down what you’re willing to invest into your new wardrobe !

+  I will then pull together a "lookbook" based on the voids in your wardrobe and the pieces I will be purchasing for you


+ Meet to see what your closet currently looks like

+ Write out a plan of action to achieve a the organizational style that works best for your lifestyle.

+ Schedule a day (based on both of our schedules) that works best to begin purging out the items you no longer wear, while also  recreating pieces that you still own.